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Biblio Timeline: Chronological list of relativistic papers.

Don's sphere animations.

Best of Breed: 4D Ray Tracing w/ oversampling (>= x2 wavelength) at endpoints of wave.

Acceleration: "...relativistic rendering is not sensitive to acceleration of the camera" - Weiskopf.

These are Visualization Resources for upcoming projects (State of the Art in SR & GR Visualization).

1) Visualization Software

a) Newtonian Physics


b) Special Relativity

Werner: Light++

Weiskopf: Virtual Relativity, Tübingen

Hale: Einstein Explorer, University of London (SourceForge)

Joachim Diepstraten, Daniel Weiskopf, Thomas Ertl:
Automatic Generation and Non-Photorealistic Rendering of 2+1D Minkowski Diagrams

c) General Relativity

Werner: Light++ Blackhole Visualization

2) Visualization of Relativistic Objects in Flat Space. (SR)

a) Images

b) Videos

Black: Reflections

Van Devender: Relativistic Starflight, University of Oregon

Searle: Relativistic Optics, Australian National University

Walker: John Walker's C-ship, Independent

Weiskopf: Visualization of Relativity, Tübingen

Weiskopf: Virtual Relativity Gallery, Tübingen

3) Visualization of Relativistic Objects in Curved Space. (GR)

a) Images

b) Videos

Benger: International Numerical Relativity Group, NCSA

Nemiroff: Black Holes and Neutron Stars, Goddard

Hamilton: Falling Into a Black Hole, U of Colo, Boulder

Zahn: Vierdimensionales Ray-Tracing in einer gekrümmten Raumzeit,Tübingen

c) Courses

Norlund: Relativistic Dynamics and Visualization, Niels Bohr Institute

4) Visualization of Objects with Relativistic Rotations. (GR)

Zahn: Rollende Räder,Tübingen

Weiskopf: Rigidly rotating disk of dust

Hamilton: Cartwheel & Hypercubes U. of Colo, Boulder



Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics Tübingen
Theoretical Astrophysics & Computational Physics

University of Colorado at Boulder
Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Laboratory for High Energy Physics


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